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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

OMG! They Used The Rules! How Outrageous

First let's mention today's news:  the Senate Finance Committee voted unanimously to approve the nominations of Tom Price for HHS and Steve Mnuchin for Treasury and to send those nominations to the whole Senate for a vote.  This committee vote was originally scheduled for yesterday, but Democrats refused to show up and that blocked progress because the committee rules require the presence of at least on member of the minority party in order to conduct business.  In other words, the Democrats used the committee rules to prevent the vote.  This morning, the committee met again, and once more the Democrats boycotted the session.  The rules would have prevented a vote again, but the chairman of the committee asked the members for unanimous consent to waive those rules.  Not surprisingly, the Republican members who were there all agreed to waive the rules.  Such waivers are a commonplace event in the Senate.  As a result, the vote took place and the two nominees were approved.  It's important to remember that if all the Democrats had shown up, the nominees would also have been approved.

Since this vote this morning, the Democrats have been denouncing the Republicans for waiving the rules.  Some have called the move immoral and unethical.  What a joke!  The Democrats misuse the rules to try to block a vote.  Then the Republicans use the same rules to make sure the vote takes place and the Democrats go berserk.  The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

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fastcarken said...

Civility? Only One WORD the Senate Democrats need to go to school and learn the meaning of!!! Media asked a question of What would Rex Tillerson do about an event today.
Guess the Question should be put to Senate Dems, When will you affirm in Committee and Confirm by Senate Vote All Cabinet Nominees and Chief Justice Nominee?
Then THEY can ask THEM what would they do? Sean Spicer is a Press Secretary not a member of the Cabinet or Judiciary!!!