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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Outline of The Attack

Cass Sunstein is one of the far left's legal eagles.  He comes up with legal and political theories that the left then adopts as a rallying cry.  Yesterday, Sunstein outlined the attack that is coming against judge Gorsuch in his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court position.  Sunstein says that his concern is "originalism" which is a way of interpreting the Constitution.  Originalists try to read the Constitution so that the words mean what they meant when adopted.  That does not mean that a ban on "unreasonable searches" won't cover computer records because there were no computers in the eighteenth century.  No, terms like "searches" would be interpreted by an originalist in a current context, but they would still be searches.  Originalists, however, would not find that the Constitution considers discrimination against transgenders to be barred by the thirteenth amendment which bars slavery.  Clearly, that was not the original intent of that amendment.

In any event, Sunstein says in his latest article that originalists would allow states to ban purchase and sale of contraceptives; reimposition of racial discrimination; discrimination against women; reintroduction of segregation; the end of "one person, one vote"; naming of Christianity as the state religion, and the end of the EPA and all environmental laws.  It's breathtaking to see all of these charges in one sentence.  It's also total BS to see someone as intelligent as Sunstein making such obviously phony charges.  The reality is that these charges are nonsense.  It's just a legalistic way of calling judge Gorsuch a racist, sexist, authoritarian, religious nut who wants to defile the environment.

The attack is unhinged, even for the far left.  It's a good thing Gorsuch is relatively young.  Otherwise, Sunstein would accuse him of being the second shooter in the Kennedy assassination. 

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