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Friday, February 3, 2017

Rewriting History -- or -- Fake News For Dummies

In the Washington Post today, there is a lengthy article about the plan developed by the Obama administration to take the capital of ISIS, the city of Raqqa in Syria and about how the Trump team reviewed and dismissed the plan as inadequate.  The point of the article is to show that the Obama team spent nearly eight months developing and debating this plan which relies on arming the Kurdish forces nearby so that they can take Raqqa.  The article is supposed to show that after all this work had been done, the Trump people just summarily rejected the plan with little thought.  You understand?  Obama was thorough and thoughtful, but Trump just shoots from the hip in a haphazard way.

The funny thing is that the WaPo article actually shows just the opposite.  Imagine spending eight months debating how to retake a city.  This was not time spent fighting, but time spent -- in typical Obama/liberal fashion TALKING.  It's not a coincidence that somehow the Obamacrats just ran out of time to launch the supposed attack on Raqqa.  They talked and talked and talked, and then they debated and debated and debated.  During all that time, the monsters of ISIS held Raqqa and terrorized the nearby population.  Somehow, by some strange turn of events, Obama just never got around to pulling the trigger.  The truth, however, is that just as was the case with many problems, Obama never got around to finalizing a position.  He was always investigating, but he was rarely, if ever, coming to conclusions.  Things drifted while in Washington Democrats talked.

The Trump team, by contrast, didn't spend endless hours debating the Obama plan.  They looked at the plan, saw that it was filled with holes and then they rejected it. 

We will still have to see what the Trump team comes up with concerning Raqqa.  One thing is for certain, however, there won't be endless debate on the subject.  There will be ample consideration but then we will see something totally different in Washington:  ACTION.

It's really disgusting that the WaPo thinks it can publish slanted and false news about supposed plans that are nothing more than talk, talk, talk.  America deserves better.

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fastcarken said...

WOW, When OBAMA drew a line in the sand for Assad of Syria about chemical weapons Assad had already anihilated 100s of thousands of his own citizens.
Obama and Shumer definitely were not crying over all the carnage and deaths against common citizens. The DEMS need to PUT UP OR SHUT UP.
They have acted like CLOWNS Long Enough!!!