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Friday, February 3, 2017

This Is Odd; AP Sides With Trump

In the "You Wouldn't Believe This" category, the AP has issued a story explaining why the criticism from Democrats like Nancy Pelosi of the changes to sanctions against Russia is totally wrong and the Trump explanation is totally correct.  The sanctions in question are those put in place by president Obama in the last days of his term.  The Treasury Department modified those sanctions because they were preventing the sale of certain American products to Russian consumers, a result never intended by the original sanctions.  As is often the case, the Treasury Department reviews new sanctions after a short time to make certain that they are functioning as intended.  In fact, the review which led to the changes was underway when Obama was still in office.  Pelosi and other Democrats, however, tried to portray the change in sanctions as some sort of reward by Trump to Russia.  It wasn't that at all.

The key here is not the facts of the story.  The key is that the AP actually reported and made clear that Trump was right and the Democrats were totally wrong.  What's next?  Will we soon see pigs fly?

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