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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

They Can't Even Let a Hero Be Honored

This afternoon, President Trump flew to Dover Air Force Base to be present for the return to the USA of the body of a navy seal killed in action in Yemen over the weekend.  It was a raid on the headquarters of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which is said to have netted a treasure trove of intelligence.  The raid was planned under the Obama administration but authorized by President Trump after he took office.  The family of the fallen soldier asked for privacy, so there was little coverage of the event other than about the fact that it had happened.

It was a sign of respect for the fallen hero and his family for the President to take the time to attend this ceremony.  One would think that all Americans would approve of this honor paid to one of our nation's heroes.  The media couldn't let it go, however.  The AP article written by Julie Pace reported the events and then thought it appropriate to start discussing the fact that President Trump did not serve in the military in his youth.  Then the AP went on to discuss what various military related groups said during the campaign about Trump.  What a disgrace.  Even when it comes to honoring the fallen, the AP can't miss an opportunity to try to undermine Trump.  The AP ought to understand that the return of a fallen hero is not the time to rehash old political disputes.  Sadly, they don't.

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