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Saturday, March 4, 2017

962,000 -- That's Right -- 962,000

According to the NY Times today, there are nine hundred sixty-two thousand people in the USA illegally who have already been ordered deported by a court.  That's just under a million illegal aliens who had their day in court and, after a hearing, were order out of the country.  Think about that.  The number is more than the population of a few of the smaller states.

These people are on the list to be deported under the new enforcement rules put in place by the Trump administration.  President Trump is actually enforcing the immigration laws, and these people have to go.  All of their rights were protected; they each had a hearing, and they each were ordered deported by the court.

The Times says that this is a humanitarian crisis.  What will happen to these poor people?  Really?  That's what the Times considers the story?  Actually, this is the beginning of the end to the crisis.  No longer can illegals take advantage of non-enforcement of our laws.  No longer will the entire immigration system be disregarded by the very government that is supposed to enforce it.  No longer will America suffer the consequences of unlimited illegal immigration.  Sure, there will be discomfort and problems for those who have been here illegally.  But when someone breaks into a home, should our first concern properly be the discomfort of the robber or the protection of the victim? 

Just imagine how many illegals will leave the USA if the million who have already been ordered deported are actually deported.  These people may have spouses and children, and they will most likely go too (although they won't have to.)  If 2 million illegals leave the country, that means on average that there will be about 600,000 fewer people receiving welfare and other government payments.  Average citizens will no longer have to pay for that assistance.  That's a savings of more than ten billion dollars per year.

The only proper reaction to the 962,000 number is annoyance.  How could we have a government that was so unwilling to enforce the laws that we could see a buildup to such a large number?

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