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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Liberalism As A Suicide Pact

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force was formed after 9-11 to improve America's defense against future terrorist attacks.  Basically the JTTF has the FBI and local police swap intelligence that they gather on potential terrorists.  In this way, there is more information available to find and to prevent attacks.  It is something that has worked quite well.

It's important to realize that JTTF is an important part of the fight against terrorism.  That's because the city of San Francisco just pulled out of any cooperation with JTTF.  According to the city, the move was made necessary by the election of Donald Trump as President.  The city wanted to be sure that it was no cooperating with the Trump administration in "targeting" Moslem or Arab residents of the city.

Are they kidding?  It's one thing to have the sanctuary city rules where the San Francisco police won't help the feds deport illegal aliens.  It is totally something else to refuse to help stop terrorism by passing on information about possible terrorist activities.  To put it mildly, this is crazy!

Suppose you saw someone outside your neighbor's house or apartment acting suspiciously at 10 PM.  Would you call the police?  Would you call your neighbor and warn him or her?  I hope so.  Now suppose that the person you saw looked like a Moslem or and Arab.  Would you decide not to call the police or your neighbor because you didn't want to "target" that suspicious prowler?  In essence, that is what San Francisco's government is saying.

It seems that in San Francisco, liberalism truly is a suicide pact.

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