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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Crazies On The March

The mayors of the big sanctuary cities are out with defiant statements today.  One after another, the prima donnas of progressivism are denouncing the Attorney General Jeff Sessions for saying that the DOJ will follow policy (set by the Obama administration) and actually cut off certain types of funding to cities that refuse to cooperate with ICE.  These mayors are all about "protecting" the "immigrants" from the evil/racist move of the federal government to enforce the law.

What can you say about these fools?  The Trump administration is deporting illegal aliens with criminal records or who have already been before a trial judge and ordered deported.  Known gang members and drug dealers are also being deported.  That's about it for now.  And remember, when these sanctuary cities refuse to honor ICE detainers, we are only talking about illegal aliens already under arrest in these cities for criminal activity.  That means that these losers on the left are actually protecting only CRIMINALS with their sanctuary cities nonsense.

Let's check the scales of justice and common sense.  On the one side you have the ordinary residents of these cities.  These are people who are the victims of crime.  These are the prey of criminal elements within those cities.  On the other side of the scale you have the criminals who are in the country illegally.  To be clear, these are not people whose crime is being here illegally.  No, these are rapists, murderers, robbers, thieves, drug dealers, and other assorted bad actors.  These are the people who attack the ordinary residents and make their lives much less safe.

So who is it that the loco leftist mayors of these cities want to protect?  That's right:  they are defiantly protecting the criminals.  You know, those poor victims, the criminals.

It's time for ordinary Americans to rise up and tell these bozos to stop the nonsense.  These mayors and their supporters had better start caring about ordinary Americans more than about the criminals who prey on them.

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