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Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Possible Answer For Bharara

It has seemed strange to watch the goings on with former US Attorney Preet Bharara in New York.  After the election, President Trump asked Bharara to stay on in that position, although there was no official announcement.  Now, a few months later, the Attorney General has asked all the holdover US Attorneys around the country to resign.  Bharara refused and was fired as a result.  What is going on here?

There's no easy explanation except one:  there's a great deal of talk that Bharara may now seek elective office.  After all, unlike the current New York mayor, Bharara has a squeaky clean image as a corruption fighter.  Bharara's problem, however, is that despite years as the US Attorney, the average New Yorker doesn't know who he is.  He's just another guy with an unusual name.  By firing Bharara, Trump gives him days of free publicity.  Bharara can launch a mayoral candidacy with this burst of publicity, and then he can campaign as someone who opposes Trump.  That is essential if one is to win in New York City (where Hillary beat Trump by something like 4 to 1.)  Can it be that firing Bharara was a move to launch Bharara as an opponent to Bill DeBlasio?

This is probably just a silly conspiracy theory.  Still, it makes more sense than many.  DeBlasio has been a terrible mayor for New York.  There's been major corruption (in the state as well).  On top of that DeBlasio has been a strong opponent of President Trump.  Clearly, both Bharara and Trump would like to see DeBlasio out as mayor.  The problem, however, is that no credible candidates have come forward to oppose the mayor.  Bharara could be just the guy for the job.

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