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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It Has Been Quite A Day

It's not often that we see such dueling narratives in the news as we did today.  There was more nonsense thrown out into the mix on the Russia Trump story and the Obama spied on Trump story than one could ever have imagined.

First we got a story from the AP disclosing the shocking news (gasp!) that about 15 years ago, Paul Mana fort worked for a Russian rich guy and mentioned in a memo at that time that a particular action might make the Russian government look good.  Supposedly, this is supposed to have some impact on what happened 15 years later during the last presidential campaign when Manafort was the head of the Trump campaign for three months.

Second, we got some real news.  The head of the House Intelligence committee announced that he had received information from a member of the intelligence services who gave him transcripts of surveillance which had nothing to do with Russia but which included conversations had by members of the Trump transition team and perhaps Trump himself.  The transcripts provided to the congressman by this whistle blower, if verified, mean that the testimony from the other day of the head of the FBI is now called into question.  The point of these transcripts is that they identify by name the Trump transition personnel, something which is a crime under federal law.  It is a development which strongly supports the position taken by President Trump that he was the subject of government surveillance by the Obama administration.

This second development was so surprising that it left the Democrats momentarily speechless.  Imagine, after weeks of relentless attacks by the Democrats on Trump for daring to say that Obama had him spied on, this latest news is showing that Trump was correct.  The chief Democrat on the Intelligence Committee had a press conference in which he kept saying that the release of the new evidence undermines the investigation.  It was a funny press conference, roughly the equivalent of a police chief complaining that obtaining key evidence that unmasks the killer in a murder investigation somehow was undermining that investigation.

By a few hours later, we got the third bit of news.  The same Democrat who was so confounded by the second item suddenly told the media that he understands that the FBI now has some proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  Of course, Congressman Schiff wouldn't disclose what information the FBI had, what his source for the announcement was, or really anything else.  It seemed like an outrageous attempt to take back control of the narrative that had been lost when the proof that the Obamacrats had spied on Trump and his people became public.  There is, as of yet, no reason to believe any of this.

One thing is certain:  this issue is coming to a head.  We will either soon see actual proof from the FBI of collusion between Trump and the Russians or we will know that the Democrats are just making up lies about it.  My money is on the Democrats telling lies.  Remember, the investigation started last July.  We've been told by the heads fo the intelligence agencies who led the effort for the next seven months that there is absolutely no evidence of collusion.  That was repeated by the head of the FBI the other day.  I doubt something new just showed up amazingly at the point when Trump's charges against the Obamacrats are being shown to be true.

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