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Thursday, March 30, 2017

All Spin -- All the Time

There's a New York Times report this afternoon that supposedly identifies two people who were involved in Devin Nunes seeing intelligence material that indicates that US intelligence agencies under Obama collected surveillance materials on Trump transition team members and maybe on Trump himself.  The report does not identify what the nature of the involvement of these two people was, and the Times report is very careful not to say that the two were the whistle blowers who supplied the material to Nunes.  For all we know, these two gave Nunes access to a White House SCIF (a secure location for viewing classified information) and nothing more.

None of this matters to the all-spin mainstream media.  I just read a piece from Bloomberg news that says that the Times identified two White House staffers who gave Nunes the information and briefed him.  That's not what the Times said, but the media is off to the Fake News races.  By tomorrow, no doubt, we will be told that the Times identified the two as the very people who collected the intelligence and then personally handed the documents to Nunes.

The whole story is silly.  The point here is what is in the intelligence documents.  Did the intelligence agencies under Obama actually gather intel on the president elect and his people?  If so, that is outrageous -- worse than Watergate!  The identity of the person or people who handed this intel to Congressman Nunes is not the story.  It could be anyone if it proves that Obama was spying on Trump.

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