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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fake News On Steroids

It's getting worse in the media; there's now a full court press of Fake News to try to protect former president Obama from fallout from the Obama administration wiretapping the Trump campaign and Trump himself.  As I wrote earlier today, Obama's spokesperson issued a statement that neither Obama nor the White House personnel ever "ordered" a wiretap on any American including Trump.  The media is now running with that statement under headlines that Obama denies any involvement in any wiretapping or Obama denies that there was any wiretapping or even that Obama denies knowledge of any wiretapping.  Of course, that's not what the Obama spokesman said.  He just denied that Obama ordered the wiretap.  He never denied that Obama knew of that wiretap or that Obama indicated to Loretta Lynch that she should try to go ahead with that wiretap.  Since we all know that a great many Americans were the subject of federal wiretaps during the Obama years, we know for certain that when Obama's guy said the president never ordered a wiretap on any American, he didn't mean that those wiretaps didn't happen, just that Obama didn't officially issue an order that they go ahead.

The media coverage is Fake News on steroids.  It's also very dangerous.  If the details of the wiretap are disclosed, Obama and all the media will be shown to be the liars that they truly are.

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