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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Here We Go Again -- More Fake News

There's a big headline on the internet about what Scott Pruitt said today.  According to Yahoo News Pruitt, the head of the EPA, said that "Global Warming Curbs to be Abandoned."  That sounds ominous, doesn't it?

Now here's the actual story:  Pruitt said that President Trump is about to sign an Executive Order undoing Obama's so called Clean Power Plant regulations.  That doesn't mean that Trump wants dirty power plants.  It just means that the president sees no reason to kill the coal industry for symbolic reasons.  The actual fact is that the regulations would have no effect on global warming.  That is not what I say; rather, it is what the last Obama appointed head of the EPA said in testimony before Congress.  The EPA administrator said that these were regulations that showed America's commitment to fighting climate change even though the regulations would have essentially no effect on climate change.  It had symbolic value, just not actual value.

The problem with the symbolic action represented by these regulations is that the regs will have the effect of wiping out tens of thousands of jobs across America.  I wonder how quick the Obamacrats would have been to announce the regulations if the jobs that were being lost were their own.

The real headline should read "Obama Era Worthless Regulations To Be Abandoned".

I doubt we will ever see that truth from the mainstream media.

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