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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Gang of Hate

When Congressman Devin Nunes got briefed by a source on how the US intelligence agencies conducted electronic surveillance on the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team (and maybe on Trump himself), he went to the White House for that briefing.  As a result, the Democrat/Media complex (or as I call them "the gang of hate") is going ballistic.  They want Nunes to step down as committee chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Let's take a look at why the Dems want Nunes to step down and also why he likely went to the White House for the meeting.

The reason the Democrats want Nunes to step down is very clear:  Nunes now has evidence that members of the Trump campaign, Trump transition team (and possibly Trump himself) were caught on tape by American intelligence agencies which then illegally sent that intelligence on to the Obama White House without hiding the identities of the Americans involved.  Understand this:  intelligence agencies like the NSA or the CIA are allowed to conduct surveillance of foreign operatives without a warrant.  If the Chinese ambassador, the UN representative of Japan or the foreign minister of Ukraine makes a phone call, it is legal for our intelligence agencies to listen in, if they can.  The problem arises, however, if the foreigners speak to an American.  Unless the agencies have a FISA court warrant expressly authorizing surveillance of the American on the phone, the identity of that American and what he or she says cannot be divulged by those intelligence agencies or even put in the records.  We already know that the intelligence agencies during the final days of the Obama administration broke the law by giving out the identity of Americans caught on tape speaking to foreigners.  General Flynn, Trump's initial National Security Adviser, was taped while speaking to the Russian ambassador during December.  That conversation is perfectly normal; the incoming National Security Adviser has to speak to foreign representatives.  When the news of this call was leaked to the media, however, that was a crime.

We've now heard from the FBI Director who testified under oath that the FBI did not conduct surveillance of Trump Tower and that there was no FISA warrant issued to allow such surveillance.  Director Comey of the FBI, however, never said that no intelligence agency picked up the Trump personnel while the agency was tapping calls of foreigners.  Nunes now has evidence to show that Comey may well have been covering up the criminal failure by one or another intelligence agency to protect the identity and conversations of the American participants of those calls.

In short, Nunes now has proof that the Trump charge that he and his people were surveilled by the Obama administration is likely true.  This is explosive evidence.  It would shift the attention from the imaginary connection between Trump and Russia that the Democrats have been pushing to -- instead -- the illegal conduct of the Obama administration and even Obama White House personnel who got surveillance records of the Trump people and made them public.  It is enough to send people to prison.  The Democrats are trying to discredit it before the evidence becomes public.

So why did Nunes go to the White House to get briefed?  That too seems very clear.

Much of what Nunes learned is classified.  It has to be discussed in a secure location set aside for classified information.  There are such places in both the Capitol and the White House.  If Nunes used the location on Capitol Hill, however, many people there might see the person with whom Nunes was meeting.  The same is true in the White House; the staff and security people could see the person briefing Nunes.  Most likely, that means that the person passing on this critical information to Nunes is someone whose presence would not be unusual at the White House but who would stand out at the Capitol.  The intelligence agencies have people going all the time to the White House.  If the whistle blower walked down the White House corridors, there would be no reason for anyone to suspect that anything unusual was up. 

Remember, the whistle blower who told Nunes about these possible criminal actions at the end of the Obama administration is putting his career on the line.  Surely, he or she does not want to be unmasked.  As an intelligence agent, that person would understand the concept of hiding in plain sight.  He or she would want to fit in, not to stand out.  A meeting at the White House satisfies that requirement.

There is also the possibility that, as has been reported, Nunes needed to access the computer systems at the White House to see the evidence itself.  Supposedly, this computer system of the Executive branch of the government is only available at the White House, but this is not something that I have been able to verify.  If so, however, it would be another reason why Nunes would go to the White House.

The bottom line here is that Nunes seems to have started the unraveling of the entire anti-Trump activity undertaken by the Obamacrats at the end of Obama's time in office.  This is explosive stuff.  Nunes needs to hang in there.  The BS nonsense that the gang of hate is putting on the air should just be ignored for the Fake News that it is.

One final note:  if you don't buy what I said above, then ask yourself why it matters if Nunes spoke to the whistle blower at the White House rather than at the Capitol.  What's wrong with that?  The answer is clearly NOTHING.

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