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Sunday, March 5, 2017

So Which Is It?

The ongoing reaction today to the news that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign and after Trump won the election is proof that nothing is ever as it seems in Washington.  Here are a few examples:

1.  For the last five months, at least, the Democrats and the media have been spreading the story that the Trump campaign cooperated and colluded with the Russians to bring down Hillary Clinton.  There is no proof of such cooperation or collusion.  Time after time, we learn that the FBI and the other agencies that have investigated this matter have concluded that there is no proof of any sort of any cooperation between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  Indeed, even the big focus placed on any contact between General Flynn or Jeff Sessions on the one hand and the Russian ambassador on the other hand shows just how little support there is for claims of collusion and cooperation.  It's really hard for Flynn to coordinate strategy with the Russians in a meeting in December five weeks after the election was over.  The response of the Democrats and the media has been to keep going with the story.  A few say that the charges are so serious that they must be investigated even though there is no evidence to support those charges.

Now we have President Trump point out that the Obamacrats had the Trump Tower offices of his campaign bugged/wiretapped.  The immediate response of the Democrats and the media is that Trump offered no evidence that this happened.  That's actually not correct.  The media itself reported on the administration tapping a computer server in Trump Tower (which would give access to just about everything there.)  The Democrats ran to publish this story prior to the election.  Hillary Clinton herself put out a tweet discussing how they had learned that a computer at Trump Tower had links to the Russians.  That story by Clinton was either based upon wiretaps or it was just Fake News the Hillary made up to try to get an edge.  Much of the media reported on these investigations at Trump Tower at the time.  But let's forget that there is evidence of what Trump pointed out.  Let's just consider why when the Democrats attack Trump, the lack of any evidence is ignored, but when Trump attacks the Democrats, the media starts screaming for evidence -- even though there is lots of evidence.

2.  When President Trump announced today that he wants an investigation into what the Obamacrats did in this regard and that he would not comment further until that investigation is done, the media/Democrats squealed like a stuck pig.  A few years ago, when it was uncovered that the IRS had targeted conservative and Christian groups for harassment, Obama said he couldn't comment until the investigation of that mess was completed.  The media didn't care.  Over the next few years, Obama did comment even though the investigation never seemed to be complete.  Again, the media did not care. 

3.  Two years ago, then DNI James Clapper lied directly to Congress while testifying under oath.  Senator Wyden asked Clapper if the USA was collecting data on large numbers of American citizens.  Clapper gave his famous -- and totally dishonest -- response of "not wittingly."  Clapper knew that was a lie.  He even later said that it was the "least untrue" response he could give to the question in an open session.  Clapper also apologized to the Senate for lying to the committee.  Let's just say that Clapper is not a "slave to the truth."  There were a lot of people who were outraged that the Director of National Intelligence would just lie under oath to the senators.  Today, on one of the Sunday shows, Clapper said that he knew for a fact that there was no wiretapping of Trump or his campaign.  Supposedly, America is now to believe this proven liar.  The New York Times has a big article pointing to what Clapper said.  So do a bunch of other media outlets.  But here's the question:  most of those other media outlets reported last fall that the FBI/NSA or some other federal agency had gather information on communications between Trump Tower and the Russians.  Indeed, that's why Hillary sent out her tweet claiming that a connection had been discovered.  (It hadn't.)  So known liar Clapper comes forward with a convenient statement that is contradicted by the reporting of the media itself, and the media falls all over itself supporting Clapper.

This is all bad stuff.

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