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Saturday, March 25, 2017

So What Do You Say To This Person?

The Republicans pulled their healthcare bill yesterday.  If you are one of the morons who call this a "victory" for Americans, I have a question for you:  what do you say to a single 60 year old man or woman who lives in my state of Connecticut and who earns $52,000 per year.  I pick that income because it is roughly the median national income of the USA.  That means that half of households earn more and half earn less.  If this person buys a Silver plan on the Obamacare exchange, it cost $960 per month for a plan with a $6000 deductible.  Think about that.  The person buying insurance has to pay twelve thousand dollars for premiums only to get coverage that kicks in once he or she has paid another six thousand dollars for the deductible.  That means that over one third of his or her income has to be spent before receiving meaningful health benefits.  So keeping Obamacare is a "victory" according to the Democrats?  Explain that so called victory to this person.

There are literally millions of people across the country in similar situations.  The Obamacare subsidies help some people, but there are many more who do not get that help.  Remember, even a person making 100,000 dollars would have to pay 18,000 dollars before getting meaningful coverage.  That's still a major cost.

We are moving forward with this mess still in place.  Democrats like Connecticut's senator Chris Murphy are crowing about the victory.  But it is not a victory.  It remains a loss unless and until Murphy and his party can come forward with their own plan to rescue the millions like the person described above.  Indeed, right now, Obamacare's biggest outcome is that it is destroying the middle class.

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