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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rampant Dishonesty Continues But The Left/Media Don't Seem To Care

The annual celebration of Cinco de Mayo in Philadelphia was just cancelled.  It's one less parade in a major city, so it's not exactly a big deal.  But here's the problem:  the cancellation came, according to the report in The Hill, due to fears of the "immigration crackdown".  The organizers of the event pointed to a recent news release by ICE that announced that in a two week period, it had arrested 248 people for immigration violations and processing for deportation.

Let's take a look at this ICE press release to see what happened. 

1.  Half of those arrested had criminal records.  These are people who committed crimes such as attempted murder, drug trafficking, sexual assault, and the like.  They are the people who President Trump calls the "bad dudes".

2.  About another quarter of those arrested were people who had previously been deported by the USA.  Re-entry into the USA after deportation is a felony.

3.  Another large batch of those arrested consisted of people who had been ordered deported by a court but who then failed to show up on the date set for deportation.

4.  Only about 15% of those arrested did not fit into the three categories above.  ICE did not break down the reasons for these arrests but did say that they were illegal aliens who would be processed through the court system to determine if they should be deported.

So we have criminals, previous deportees (by definition, also criminals) and fugitives from deportation orders.  These are exactly the people that President Trump said would be targeted.  The funny thing is, however, that these are also exactly the people that president Obama said would be targeted by ICE.  The difference is that Trump actually is doing what he said he would, while Obama mostly just talked.  Obama always thought that saying something was enough, while Trump realizes that it is only actions that matter.

So why are the organizers of the Cinco de Mayo parade so upset by all this that they are cancelling their celebration?  Are we to believe that the organizers of the parade want to keep criminals on the streets of America?  I don't believe that.  Are we to believe that the organizers want America's laws to be ignored?  That's possible, but it just won't happen with Donald Trump in the White House.  Are we to believe that the organizers don't realize that over two weeks in three states there were about 35 people arrested who might or might not be deported and that this is a major "immigration crackdown"?  That is what appears to be the case.  There are about fifteen million people in those three states, and there are a lot more than 35 illegal immigrants included in those numbers.  Estimates are that there are over 50,000 illegal immigrants in the city of Philadelphia alone and that city holds just about 10% of the total population of the three states.  There are no mass arrests of illegals.  There is no crackdown except on criminals, gang members and people already adjudicated to be deported. 

So if there is no crackdown to fear for those attending the now-cancelled parade, why was the event called off?  It is because the media/left complex wants people to be afraid.  They describe the arrests of criminals in apocalyptic terms.  That spreads fear, and it does a major disservice to the public.

Here's what ICE said in its press release:

Reports of ICE checkpoints and sweeps are false, dangerous and irresponsible. These reports create panic and put communities and law enforcement personnel in unnecessary danger. Any groups falsely reporting such activities are doing a disservice to those they claim to support.

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