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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Another Crazy Look At Illegal Aliens by the Washington Post

In the Washington Post today, there is a big article reporting that "immigrants" are dropping their use of food stamps because they fear that by using the program they might open themselves up to deportation.  For the WaPo, this is a bad thing.  To say the least, that view is totally wrong.

Let's start with a basic fact.  American law is clear; illegal aliens are not entitled to food stamp benefits.  Even most legal immigrants cannot use food stamps unless they have been in the country for at least five years.  All citizens, however, are eligible for the food stamp program.  What this means is that any illegals who are using food stamps are defrauding the government, a criminal act.  If these people drop out from the program as the WaPo is reporting, then they are ending criminal activity, and that is a good thing, not something to be lamented.

There is a reason why the limitations on food stamp use were put in place.  The idea was that America's generous welfare assistance should not act as a magnet to pull in illegal aliens or even to draw in legal immigrants.  When president Clinton signed this into law in the 1990s, he made this clear.  Nothing has changed in that regard.

It is a great thing if the Trump enforcement of our existing laws results in a reduction in illegal and fraudulent usage of the food stamp program.  There are not even two sides to this issue.

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