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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trivial or Not?

I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about the Democrat Congressmen who wore white to the speech last night.  He said that it surprised him since it looked like the Democrats were at a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan.  The thought never occurred to me as I watched the speech.  For me, I just thought that they looked silly.  No one made clear why they chose white outfits.  I heard today that they were supporting the suffragettes who used to wear white when they campaigned for the vote for women a century ago.  Isn't that a bit late?  Indeed, isn't really late since the main opposition to giving women the vote came from Democrats?

On another note, Ryan Zinke was confirmed as Secretary of the Interior tonight by a lopsided margin.  What was the point for the Democrats to delay and delay Zinke's only to easily approve him after six weeks?  The same thing happened with Secretary Ross whose nomination was approved for Commerce two days ago.  Now, the nomination of Dr. Ben Carson to be HUD Secretary is going through the same delay process.  It would be one thing if all the Democrats were still voting against these nominations.  At least then the Democrats could claim that they were fighting against bad nominees.  It wouldn't be true, but they could still claim it.  On the other hand, it's hard to claim it's a fight against bad nominees when at least half the Democrats ultimately vote in favor of confirmation.  This whole delaying game by the Democrats has just made them look petty and foolish.

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