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Friday, March 10, 2017

Rooting For Recession

The never ending liberal hatred for President Trump has now been displayed in an article in The Atlantic which explains that the President is likely to face a recession soon.  I won't thrill you with the details, since the author seems not to understand what she is reporting.  Suffice to say that she reports that we have had an eight year "expansion" and that the American economy is approaching "full employment."  The reality is quite different.  We have had eight years of stagnation with extremely low growth in output and no growth in incomes.  On top of that, we have seen the number of people working decline as a percentage of the population during that time, so that there is actually a huge pool of unemployed or underemployed people who don't show up in the official unemployment number.  We're not close to "full employment" which comes when everyone who wants a job has a job.  Obama took us farther from full employment than where the country was on the day he took office.  Indeed, this morning's employment report for February was extraordinary because the actual percentage of people employed has finally started to rise now that Trump is President.

I realize that most reporters, particularly for a magazine like The Atlantic, do not understand either the economy or the relevant statistics that measure its performance.  Still, even these reporters ought to be able to get close to reality in their reports.  That is why I conclude that the left is actually rooting for a recession.  They lost to Trump and the Republicans, so now they want the country to suffer in the hope that they will be able to regain power.  That is truly disgusting.  The well-being of America ought to be more important to the Democrats and their allies in the media than their own claim to power.

As President Trump often says in his tweets:  "SAD!"

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