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Saturday, March 11, 2017

You Have To Laugh

Yesterday, at the White House briefing, spokesman Sean Spicer was asked about the February jobs report and the great numbers it showed.  Reporters wanted to know what President Trump thought of it given that he had criticized some previous reports under Obama as using fake data.  Spicer got a grin on his face and said that the President wanted the reporters to know that although he stood by his previous comments about earlier reports, this one was obviously correct and great.  Everyone laughed.  It was a joke.

Then last night, I read a report on Yahoo News that denounced Spicer for telling an "abominable lie."  They really need to lighten up over there at Yahoo News.

It's funny.  I no longer regularly read a Yahoo News feed.  I used to, but it just got too filled with Fake News and nonsense.  Seeing this article reinforced that yet again.


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