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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another Big Mess Left From Obama and Hillary - EGYPT

Reuters is reporting that there are now Russian troops in Egypt along the border with Libya.  It's only supposed to be a few hundred Russian special ops troops, but even that small number is indicative of a major looming problem.  In his eight years in office, president Obama managed to destroy the close alliance between the USA and Egypt to a point where the Egyptians now let Russian troops into the country.

Let's back up to 2009.  When Obama took office, Egypt was one of America's closest allies in the Middle East.  President Mubarak of Egypt could be counted on as a friend who would help us as needed.  Then came the Arab Spring.  There were protests in Cairo -- as across the Arab world.  The Obama/Clinton foreign policy was not to let things in Egypt develop according to the wishes of the Egyptian people.  No, president Obama decided to step in and call for the ouster of president Mubarak of Egypt.  Almost immediately, Mubarak wash pushed out and arrested.  Elections were held and the Moslem Brotherhood won.  That was followed by a presidential election.  Prior to the election, at the point when the new government was being selected, the head of the Moslem Brotherhood promised that he would not run for president.  Of course, he never honored his promise and in a very close election, the head of the Moslem Brotherhood, Morsi, was chosen president.  Here too, the Obamacrats supported the Moslem Brotherhood leader.  It did not matter that the Moslem Brotherhood supported the terrorists of Hamas.  It did not matter that the Brotherhood itself was branded a terrorist organization in Egypt.  Obama supported president Morsi.  At that point, conditions in Egypt began to change.  The ten million Coptic Christians became a target of hatred and discrimination under the rule of the Moslem Brotherhood.  There was escalating violence among Muslims and much worse violence against the Copts.  Huge demonstrations against the government broke out; these were even bigger than those of a year earlier against Mubarak.  This time, however, Obama decided that the USA should support the Moslem Brotherhood leader. 

Despite Obama's support for president Morsi, he was ousted in a coup as the violence rose to a new level and chaos reigned in the streets.  The new leader was General al Sisi, and he subsequently won an election to be president.  The Obamacrats, however, continued to support Morsi and would not engage in regular relations with the new leader of Egypt.  That idiotic policy continued until the end of the Obama administration.  Imagine:  the USA would not deal with a pro-Western, anti Islamic terrorism, elected president; Obama held out support for the former president whose rule led to chaos, support for terrorism and discrimination against Christians.

President Sisi of Egypt has now done what many other leaders in the Middle East have done; he has befriended the Russians.  The end result is that we now see Russian troops in Egypt, a position from which they can make major mischief. 

President Trump said not long ago that he inherited a mess from Obama.  That doesn't even begin to tell the whole story.  It's worse than a mess.

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