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Saturday, March 18, 2017

So Who Do You Think Put That In????

The legislature of the state of Arkansas just voted to separate the holiday in that state honoring both Robert E. Lee (the confederate general) and Martin Luther King (the civil rights leader.)  Arkansas is one of three states that combine the commemoration for both of these men.  Under the new legislation, the January holiday will now just honor Dr. King.  There will be a separate day in October to commemorate Robert E. Lee, but it will not be a state holiday.  The bill was passed by the Republican controlled legislature and will be signed into law on Monday by the Republican governor.

So who do you think it was that combined the holiday for the Confederate general and the civil rights leader in the first place?  What racially insensitive person led the move to put the man who fought to retain slavery with the man who fought for rights for the descendants  of those slaves?

The combined holiday was put in place in 1985 in Arkansas.  The law to establish the combined holiday was passed by a Democrat controlled legislature and signed into law by the Democrat who was governor of Arkansas at the time:  Bill Clinton.

Keep this in mind the next time someone tells you that Republicans are racists. 

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