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Friday, March 24, 2017

Maybe The Media Can Tell Us

There are a rash of articles today reporting that talks between Israel and the USA have ended in Washington without "agreement on settlement construction by the Israelis."  Really; they didn't reach agreement.  Oh no!!!

Maybe the mainstream media can also try to tell us why it is the business of the USA to negotiate when and where Israel can build homes for its people.  If the USA wants Israel and the Palestinians to come to s peace agreement, shouldn't it be the Palestinians who negotiate about these "settlements"?

Remember, over two thirds of all so called settlements are just homes or apartment buildings in the city of Jerusalem.  That's the capital of Israel.  Only in the perverted world of diplomacy regarding Israel could these be called "settlements".  Imagine if the European Union and Russia suddenly announced that any new construction of homes for Americans in Georgetown in the District of Columbia should stop because those homes are "settlements" on land that belongs to Native Americans.

The truth is that these articles are ridiculous.

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