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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Is there Really a Smoking Gun?

James Rosen of Fox News is reporting that the House Intelligence committee expects the NSA and the CIA to turn over to Congress proof that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team including Donald Trump himself by means of the US intelligence agencies.  This is the ultimate smoking gun.

Think about it.  Did the president of the United States use the power of the federal intelligence agencies to spy on his political opponent (and successor)?  It's hard to imagine a more inappropriate (and possibly illegal) use of the NSA, CIA and FBI.  And what does this mean for the head of the FBI who just this week assured Congress that there was no proof that president Obama had Donald Trump under surveillance.  If the documents show otherwise, it would make the FBI chief out to be a total liar.

To be fair, I hated the Obama administration's policies.  Obama did more to damage the USA than any other president I can recall.  Still, I would never have expected that even the Obamacrats would have gone so far as to spy on the opposition.  I thought that all ended with Watergate.  I guess it is true that the Obamacrats really think that they were above the law.

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