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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Ultimate Fake News From CNN

I just saw a CNN report on video describing how President Trump was furious at his staff and yelled at them last Friday after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia/Trump "investigation".  CNN said that the basis for the report was video that the network took from outside the White House through the window of the Oval Office which shows the confrontation between Trump and his staff.  This is completely fake.

You can see the video if you follow the link above, but all you will see is a short video with no sound of Steve Bannon talking and at one point waving his arms.  The video is not clear enough to allow someone to lip read Bannon's words.  The President never turns towards the window, so there is no way to see his expression or even try to read his lips.  That leaves only one conclusion:  either CNN is making this up with no evidence, or CNN is using equipment to eavesdrop on the Oval Office through the window which would be a serious federal crime.  I'm certain that we all know people who speak with their hands at time.  In other words, many people move their arms or their hands for emphasis while they speak.  That doesn't mean that the person using his hands in that way is angry, happy, excited or sleepy.  It could be any of those.  It certainly doesn't mean that the other people in the room are angry or happy etc.  Unless CNN somehow listened in on the conversation, there is no way for the Fake News network to have any clue what was being said.  It's probably a safe bet that CNN wasn't told about a supposed angry confrontation between the President and Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus by any of them.  There just isn't anyone who could be a source for CNN for this fictional story.

Look, I don't know if President Trump yelled at his staff.  The point, however, is that CNN doesn't know that either.  But the Fake News Network still reported it.

If it turns out that CNN used sound equipment to listen in on the Oval Office, then someone at that network should go to jail (and without passing Go and getting $200.)

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