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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Now We Have A Real Scandal -- The Trump Tower Wiretap

 Until now, there was a phony scandal regarding supposed contacts and coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  After investigations by the FBI, CIA, NSA and others, there is still not even one piece of evidence to show any cooperation of any sort between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  Nothing, nada, zilch!  All we know is that the DNC and John Podesta (Hillary's campaign manager) were hacked, most likely by the Russians, and that Wikileaks released the actual content of email sent or received by the DNC or Podesta.  We also know that in December, after the election, Mike Flynn spoke to the Russian amabassador (which was part of his upcoming job) and that Donald Trump said that he would like to have good relations with Putin.  In short, after all these investigations, there's nothing there.

That all changed in the last 24 hours, except it's a different scandal.  What we now know is that the Obama administration put a wire tap on the Trump campaign offices.  Last June, the feds requested a FISA warrant to bug the Trump offices.  FISA warrants are requests to a special federal court for an electronic surveillance authorization.  That's a long way of saying that the Department of Justice goes to the FISA court in secret and asks to be able to wiretap someone for national security purposes.  These warrants are routinely granted.  In the last five years, over 98% of the requests were approved by the court.  The FISA court turned down the feds.  This tells you that the Justice Department presented no evidence to support its request.  The judge on the FISA court had no basis to allow the wiretap.  It's truly outrageous that the Obamacrats would seek to wiretap the Republican candidate for president, but the story does not end there.

In October, the feds went back with the same request to the FISA court.  By that time, Wikileaks had published the DNC emails (which forced the crooked chair of that organization to resign) and the Podesta emails were coming out almost daily with damaging disclosures about Hillary Clinton.  This time, the court allowed the wiretap.  The FBI tapped communications in and out of Trump Tower for the next month.  The FBI found nothing wrong, illegal, or improper in all that listening.  There were no contacts with the Russians of any sort.  The Trump campaign was bugged by the Obamacrats, though, which is truly outrageous.
In the 1972 election, the Nixon campaign bugged the offices of the DNC.  That was the start of Watergate, the biggest political scandal in the history of the USA.  There was agreement at that time that for one political campaign to bug or wiretap the other side was something that should never happen again.  And yet we now know that it did, indeed, happen again in 2016.

It seems that there's an idea among Democrats that they can do anything without limit so long as the target is a Republican.  They are wrong.  This proves it

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