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Thursday, March 2, 2017

More on the Sessions Story -- Claire McCaskill Lies to the American People and must resign!

It's an amusing piece of the story today about the Democrats having a melt down over two conversations that Jeff Sessions had with the Russian ambassador.  Sessions says that one was a casual chat with a group of ambassadors from many countries at a speech at the Heritage Foundation.  The second was, according to Sessions, part of his work as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

When Sessions said that his talk to the Russian ambassador was part of his work as a senator, the media and the Democrats jumped all over it.  They said that members of the Armed Services committee don't talk to ambassadors.  Here, for example, is the tweet that senator Claire McCaskell sent out as part of that effort:

Claire McCaskill

I've been on the Armed Services Com for 10 years.No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com.
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