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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Going Into The Wilders-ness?

The Dutch people voted today in a general election.  The big question as far as most of the media is concerned is just how well the PVV under the leadership of Wilders will do.  Wilders is billed as one of the following:  1.  a populist; 2. a racist quasi fascist who is totally anti-Muslim; or 3.  a nice guy trying to get ahead in a troubled world.  Okay, that last choice is never mentioned.

The exit polls have just come out and they show that the party of the current prime minister is likely to lose about a quarter of its seats while the PVV will be up by about one - third in the number of seats.  Nevertheless, this will not be sufficient to get the PVV into the government.  There is likely to be a coalition among four or more parties with the current prime minister staying in office.  This well may be enough to paralyze the Dutch government until another election gives a decisive edge to one party or another.

It would be nice if the exit polls turn out to be wrong and if there is a decisive winner.  It's not likely though.

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