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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Not All Morons Are on the Left

Yesterday, I happened to turn on The Five on Fox News only to see Eric Bolling discussing the effect of the proposed Republican healthcare bill on the average American.  Bolling actually had a white board on which he had written about two groups that would be hurt by the plan.  One of these two consisted of Americans who are 65 or older who would, according to Bolling, see their insurance premiums soar.

Think about that.  Here is a guy who is supposed to have insight into the news so that he can explain it to ordinary Americans telling us that those over 65 will see soaring premiums under the GOP bill.  Of course, there's only one problem with that analysis.  Essentially all Americans over 65 are on Medicare.  Their premiums have nothing to do with the Republican healthcare bill.  In fact, the insurance costs for those over 65 would be completely unaffected by the GOP bill.  Simply put, Bolling was not just wrong; he was spectacularly wrong.

This is such an egregious error that it makes my Fake Punditry in Action hall of fame!

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