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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Pressure in the Bubble

I got a kick this morning reading a column by Juan Williams in The Hill in which he explains how "pressure" is building regarding an investigation of links between President Trump's people and Russia.  It's pretty funny.  First of all, if it's true, it's only true in the Democrat/media complex.  Those are the people who want to investigate everything related to the President and don't care about having a reason to do so.

More important, however, is the fact that pressure for the investigation has been collapsing.  Ever since President Trump pointed out that his campaign had been the target of wiretapping by the Obamacrats, nearly all of the Democrat/media complex has been shouting that there was no such investigation, no such wiretapping, nothing!  That means that all those stories about how wiretaps showed links between the Trump people and Russia are now being revealed as phony by the very people who wrote them.  Maybe "phony" is too strong a word, but the point remains the same:  there really is no proof and no basis for suspicion that there was any cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Try as one might, conversations in December, a month after the election, are never going to be proof that there was any communication prior to the election, and without such communication, there cannot be collusion.

So why would Juan Williams still be pushing this now discredited nonsense?  The reality is that he lives and works in the absolute center of the bubble.  In that region, the extent of the destruction of the myth of some Trump/Russia link has not been fully understood.  It's sad that Juan is so deluded, but it's still fun to watch anyway.

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