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Friday, March 3, 2017

Charges in the Bomb Threats to Jewish Community Centers -- A Leftwing Report Arrested

The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced today that a man has been arrested for making bomb threats at multiple Jewish Community Centers around the country.  The man arrested is Juan Thompson.  Thompson turns out to be a reporter for a left wing site who was fired not long ago for making up news.  So a guy fired for putting out Fake News on the internet is now arrested for allegedly making Fake Bomb Threats.  This is one sick puppy.

But it gets worse.  Thompson not only is charged with making the threats, but his alleged to have made them in the name of his former girlfriend.  According to the US Attorney, Thompson was trying to frame his ex girlfriend for making the bomb threats.

So, given that this guy appears to be a left wing nut job, should we all now write about the climate of hatred and anger that seethes on the left?  Certainly, if the guy arrested were a right wing nut job, there would be endless stories about how the election of Donald Trump emboldened him to make the threats.  Obviously, there's no way to tie Trump to this, so what will the media do?  Remember, the accused is a REPORTER.  He wasn't just egged on by the media; he is part of the media.

It is still unclear if Thompson is charged with all or just some of the recent bomb threats.  I assume that as the story unfolds, we will find that out.

Meanwhile, congratulations to law enforcement for getting this guy.  Hopefully, the threats will now stop.

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