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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Shocking Truth About Lies

Time Magazine has a cover story this week asking "Is Truth Dead?"  It's a shocking expose by reporter Michael Scherer.  The secondary title of the piece reads, "How fact-challenged President Donald Trump delivers deliberate and strategic lies to control the national debate."  I have to say the piece is an eye-opener about this penchant for lying by the President.  Here are just a few of the most outrageous whoppers that are referenced in the article:

1.  If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
2.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
3.  The attack on Benghazi was the result of a youtube video (which no one in Libya saw.)
4.  If the Assad forces in Syria start to use chemical weapons, that will be a red line for the USA.
5.  The Iranian nuclear deal will prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.
6.  America did not give Iran close to $2 billion in cash as a ransom for Americans being held by the Iranians.
7.  The stimulus package will result in the immediate start of hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure projects which are "shovel-ready" jobs.
8.  I've cut the budget deficit by two thirds.
9.  I'm enforcing the immigration laws.

Okay, those were some of the biggest lies that president Obama told.  They are by no means all of Obama's many lies however.  When it comes to turning the Oval Office into a center of dishonesty and misdirection, the perpetrator was Barack Obama.

So what are the "lies" to which Scherer actually points?  The "big" one is that Trump tweeted that president Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped.  Scherer jumps up and down about what FBI director Comey told Congress.  Of course, two days later we learned that there had in fact been surveillance of Trump's transition team (including possibly Trump himself) as part of legal operations wiretapping foreigners like ambassadors and government personnel of other countries.  After the Trump people were recorded, however, the law requires that their identities be masked.  In other words, the names of the Americans and what they said cannot be released; doing so is a crime.  And yet, we now know that such a release of the names and contents of communications is exactly what happened during the last days of the Obama administration.  In other words, Trump was loose with the words he used, but he wasn't telling a lie.

A second "lie" to which Scherer points is when Trump was talking about terror attacks in Europe and included Sweden on the list of sites.  That was a mistake; there had been no attack in Europe.  The White House later explained that Trump was referring to a news story about how Sweden was having great difficulty getting new immigrant/refugees to acclimatize themselves to that country.  Once again, Trump misspoke.  But take a look at just the nine big Obama lies listed above.  Is mistakenly including Sweden on a list of sites of terror attacks a big "lie" compared to Obama's whoppers?  Of course not.  Obama directly and repeatedly lied to the American people.  The first two on the list were repeated in speeches by Obama close to 30 times even though he knew that they were completely false.

The actual truth is that it is the Obamacrats who have raised telling lies to an art form.  They lost the election because they had no program and a terrible candidate.  As a result, they invented the "Russia hacked the election" lie.  They're still pushing it.  They had no program for entire second Obama term.  There were no proposals made on the economy; none!  To make up for that failure, they invented the lie that the Republicans were thwarting them in Congress.  It's hard to block bills that don't exist, but the Dems went with the lie anyway.  Now, as the Dems actually try to block every action to be taken by Trump or the GOP in Congress, they just continue the lie and say they are doing what the Republicans did.  It's not true, but they don't seem to care.  The Democrats care not about the truth, but rather they concern themselves only with what they think they can get away with.  As a result, they do major damage to the USA.

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