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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The CNN and CBS Instant Polls On Trump's Speech

It must have killed CNN and CBS to publish the results of their instant polls of viewers' reaction to the Trump speech to Congress.  The public loved the speech.  In both polls, more than three quarters of those interviewed were favorably impressed by President Trump.  Those are the sort of numbers that never happen in these polls.  Usually, those on the side of the speaker like the speech while those on the other side don't.  Sometimes, you can get 60% approval, but usually it is less.  To get over 75% approval is truly amazing.  It's proof that the President's speech last night was truly extraordinary.

Think about the lead up to the speech.  The Democrats weren't going to show up.  The Democrats were going to load the gallery with illegal immigrants.  The Democrats were going to wear white.  The Democrats might disrupt the speech.  All of these were thoughts bandied about in the media.  In the end, what we saw was a bunch of people sitting on the Democrat side who looked bewildered.  President Trump was making good point after good point, and they didn't know whether or not to applaud.  In one evening, those Democrats saw a month or more of obstruction on their part lose all its efficacy.  The CBS poll sampled opinions on certain key issues that the President addressed.  The view of the public on those issues before and after the speech moved significantly in the favor of Trump after the speech.  When the President asked those who do not want to enforce our immigration laws what they would say to Americans who had lost their jobs or even their loved ones to illegal aliens, there is no possible response.  In that one moment, Trump demonstrated that those who are opposing the deportation of aliens who have committed violent crimes really do not care about the average Americans who must bear the brunt of those crimes.

There's no doubt that the Democrat assault on Trump will continue.  Last night, however, we saw the first major counter-attack and it was extremely effective.

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