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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Little Honesty Breaks Through

Bloomberg News is reporting/lamenting that the meeting of the finance ministers of the G-20 nations ended today with a communique that calls for the nations to "work to strengthen the contribution of trade to [their] economies."  Last year, the final communique pledged each G-20 country "to avoid all forms of protectionism."  Bloomberg says that this change is the result of the new view of trade being pushed by the Trump administration.  The French ambassador is quoted by Bloomberg as stating that the meeting did not end in a satisfactory way; he did not want to see the pledge to avoid protectionism deleted.  Even worse, the communique says nothing about climate change, unlike the messages of previous years.

Okay, that's the take of the mainstream media/globalist cabal.  They are just soooo upset that the words used by the G-20 finance ministers do not conform to the left's political narrative.  But let's take a look at reality for a moment.  The second biggest economy in the G-20 is that of China.  The Chinese engage heavily in protectionism.  If you want to sell cars in China, you have to make them in China.  If you want to import a whole host of items into China, you just cannot.  Similarly, the third largest economy in the G-20 is Japan.  It too uses many methods to discourage imports; in other words, it engages in protectionism.  Other G-20 members like Russia, Argentina, India and Indonesia have similar protectionist rules in place to stop imports into their countries.  Even the EU (of which France is a member) has protectionist rules in place.  What has really changed is that the USA is no longer happy with phony statements how the G-20 will fight protectionism.  Words may have satisfied the Obamacrats.  President Trump wants actions not words.  Trump wants fair trade where everyone plays by the same rules.  That means that everyone actually follows the same rules; it's not enough to just say that you will.

A little bit of honesty is breaking through at the g-20 meeting.  That is a good thing.  It may upset Bloomberg News and the rest of the leftist media, but it will greatly benefit the American people.

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