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Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Climate Change Theory Dies

One major aspect of the global warming story has always been that melting ice will cause sea levels to rise and that the drop in salinity of the North Atlantic due to ice melt in Greenland might turn off the Gulf Stream current.  Given the failure of the eco-warriors to limit the emissions of carbon dioxide around the world, we ought to be seeing real effects from this melting ice by now.  Here's what we actually got:

1.  The ice in Antarctica is measured on a daily basis by mapping satellites that can detect tiny changes across that continent.  The latest exact measurements show that the total ice sitting on the southern polar regions has been increasing steadily since the measurements began some years ago.  The trend indicates that we should see continuing ice buildup rather than ice melting.

When this news broke, the global warming crowd told us that what we were seeing was the variation in climate that global warming was causing.  We may see more ice in the Antarctic, but the ice covering Greenland was melting rapidly and catastrophically.  Also, the ice cap at the North Pole was almost gone.

2.  The polar ice cap at the North Pole has been growing for the last five years.  This is according to measurements also taken by satellites which survey that region on a constant basis.  There seems to be less ice than there was 20 years ago, but we don't have measurements that are as precise from back then, so we cannot be sure.

3.  Greenland has been the big issue for the global warmists.  We now have new data that shows that the amount of ice sitting on Greenland is the highest it has been in a great many years.  Here too, we have detailed measurements taken from space.  The snow/ice buildup of this past winter has been more than that for any year for which we have measurements.

Put all this together and we have a picture of a planet on which there is more, not less ice.  In other words, everything predicted by the "accepted" theory of climate change in this regard has turned out NOT to have happened.  In a rational universe, scientists would decide that this means their theory is wrong.  In our world, where climate change is a religion and scientists dare not speak against the accepted wisdom, we just get obfuscation.  Global warming theory, however, remains unproven.  In truth, it is not just unproven; it is also disproven.

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