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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our Government At Work

In Fairfield County, Connecticut, we are in the middle of a 1) blizzard, 2) heavy snowfall, 3) snow changing to sleet to rain, or 4) ??????  Right now, if you look at the relevant news articles about today's storm, you see that the expected snowfall totals have been cut by a lot, there's a likelihood that in much of the county there will be a changeover to rain, and the government is treating this like the worst storm ever.  The commuter railroad around here, Metro North, is running this morning through the snow, but it is going to shut down this afternoon once the worst of the storm has passed.  Huh?  The entire state of Connecticut is under a travel ban issued by the governor.  Only essential people are allowed on the roads.  Perhaps the funniest thing today is to put on the cable system traffic update and watch them televise video of the local interstates to show traffic conditions with literally no cars on the road.  It's the rough equivalent of discussing the likelihood of a sunburn during the night.

I understand that the governor does not want to look foolish by cutting back on his restrictions, but this is ridiculous.

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