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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Ultimate Hypocrite: Nan Aron

In USA Today, leftist lawyer Nan Aron of the laughably named "Alliance For Justice" goes on a great length discussing the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  Aron has little of importance to say about soon-to-be justice Gorsuch, but she ultimately focuses on the expected senate filibuster of the nomination by the Democrats.  Here's what Aron has to say about that:

If a nominee for a lifetime job on our highest court can’t get 60 votes, don't go 'nuclear.' Change the nominee.

That seems pretty clear; Aron is a supporter of the Senate Rules that allow a filibuster on a nomination.

Those filibuster rules used to cover all nominations, but they were changed by the Democrats roughly four years ago so that people nominated for a lifetime job on the federal trial courts and appellate courts across America only need 51 votes to be confirmed.  Surely, Aron must have been against that move; she wants lifetime appointments to get 60 votes.

Here's what Aron's bio on the Alliance for Justice website has to say on that issue:

 In 2013, Alliance for Justice helped to lead a coalition of 100 organizations to reform the Senate filibuster rules.

So you see, Aron not only did not oppose the end of filibustering for federal judicial nominees who get lifetime appointments, she led the charge to do away with those filibusters. 

The only difference now from 2013 is that Republican hold the majority now while Democrats held the majority then.  Aron clearly doesn't give a damn about lifetime appointments etc.  She only cares about political power.  If Democrats get to pick a judge, then Republicans should have nothing to say about it.  If Republicans get to pick a judge, well we can't have that, can we?

If there ever is a national Hall of Fame for Hypocrisy, I nominate Nan Aron as a charter member.  She will get selected whether it takes 50% or 60% of the vote.

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