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Friday, March 17, 2017

First Alt-Right; Next Alt-Left; Now Alt-Sane

The most bizarre story of the day comes from Dylan Byers of CNN who reported that Sean Hannity of Fox News pulled a gun and threatened Juan Williams (also of Fox News) after a heated argument on Sean's show.  The story is bizarre because both of the participants deny it.  They say that after a show one day Hannity showed Williams his gun (Sean has a carry permit) and did so with all the required safety precautions.  No one was threatened or put in danger in any way.  Now, if only Hannity were saying this with Williams being quiet, I would suspect that maybe the CNN story was correct.  Williams, however, was supposedly targeted by Hannity with a deadly weapon.  That would be a criminal act by Sean Hannity, and not one that Williams would likely deny.  I don't often agree with Juan Williams politics, but I have no doubt that he would stand up for himself if he were threatened with a weapon.  The Williams denial of the story should have been the end of it.

That's where the craziness at CNN comes into play.  After both participants denied the validity of the story, Byers and CNN went ahead with it anyway.  It's bizarre.  How worried is CNN about poor ratings that it feels it must report stories that seem obviously wrong?  It makes me question the sanity of those doing the reporting.  Oh well.  So far in the last six months we've heard about the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left.  Now we have CNN and Byers joining the Alt-Sane.

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