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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Anti-Trump Forces Lose Another Issue

President Trump's tax returns for 2005 were published by MSNBC and then confirmed by the White House.  The only appropriate response is a yawn.  The President paid 25% of his income in taxes.  That's nearly 40 million dollars in taxes.  During the campaign, the Democrats and their media shills kept saying that Trump paid no tax since the mid 1990s, something Trump said was ridiculously untrue.  Now, the returns make clear that Trump paid a higher rate than most, and just about average for the very wealthy.  The media and the Democrats will no doubt keep screaming for release of every other Trump tax return, but no one, and I mean no one, will care.  The issue is dead.

A more interesting issue is how did MSNBC get the returns.  The "story" is that a reporter received the return top sheets anonymously in the mail.  Sure.  People at the IRS broke the law by releasing taxpayer information like this.  Maybe the White House decided to reawaken the story of the tax returns by mailing them to some unknown reporter who appears on MSNBC.  Maybe it was an employee of Trump's accounting firm who decided to commit a felony and lose his or her livelihood if the crime was discovered.  The truth is that the only likely place for this info to come from is the IRS.  A new Lois Lerner decided to treat the federal law as just a suggestion and to release this information to the anti-Trump media.

The main point here is that Donald Trump paid his taxes just like most other Americans.  There's no story here, but we will, nevertheless, keep hearing about it.

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