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Monday, March 20, 2017

Making Something Out of Nothing

The FBI director testified today before a congressional committee.  If you follow the mainstream media, you would think that the hearing produced big news:  the FBI confirmed that there is an investigation into Russian interference with last fall's election and also any connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Let's stop here.  Is there any sentient being in the USA who didn't know that already?  For month after month, we have been told that the FBI has been investigating Russian attempts to influence the election.  We've also been told that there was an investigation into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  FBI director Comey just said this before Congress today; it's not news, but rather a repetition of old stuff.

But let's take this one step further.  Three weeks ago, President Trump tweeted that his campaign had been the subject of surveillance from the government.  At that point, the media and the Democrats went crazy denying that there had been any such investigation.  "There was no wiretapping! There was no investigation!" they shouted.  Now, FBI director Comey testifies that indeed there was a government investigation since July of 2016.  That means that on that point, President Trump was correct and the media/Democrat denials were wrong. 

There has also been some important items in today's testimony that no one seems to be covering.  First, it was confirmed that there was absolutely no interference by the Russians with the votes themselves.  Second, director Comey said that Russian president Vladimir Putin absolutely hates Hillary Clinton and that Comey believes that is what motivated the Russian involvement.  Third, Comey offered no proof of any connection or coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  Fourth, Comey pointed out that he had been authorized by the DOJ to confirm the existence of the investigation.  That means that the Trump Justice Department had nothing to hide.

The hearing is continuing, so maybe there will be some news from it later in the day.  At this point, however, the media coverage is dishonest.  It's the rough equivalent of Comey testifying that Donald Trump won the election last November and the media making a big deal out of it as if it were real news.

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