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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Idiocy Spreads

In the last few days, stories have been spreading through the media about the policy the Vice President Pence follows.  Pence, it is reported, will not dine alone with any woman who is not his wife.  There are some other wrinkles to the story, but they are not even worth repeating.  The point is that the Vice President avoids any situation which might be misconstrued as improper.  He considers it part of his Christianity.

Pence's practice may seem unusual to the denizens of the media/liberal bubble, but it's certainly nothing that merits much attention.  Nevertheless, in the last two days, there have been articles in the mainstream media literally calling Pence's practice "illegal", "part of rape culture", and similarly nutty things.  All that is happening is that Pence is being faithful to his wife in the way he deems appropriate.  When Bill Clinton was faithful to Hillary in the way he deemed appropriate, none of these reporters told us it was illegal or part of rape culture.  No, when Clinton allegedly raped women, and had sex with young interns in the Oval Office, these same people told us "It's just sex."

The hypocrisy is overwhelming.  Let's forget Bill Clinton.  When Muslims women following sharia law cover themselves from head to toe with a burka, none of these people call it rape culture.  No one says it is illegal.  Indeed, were anyone to insist that burkas not be allowed in public places, they would be denounced immediately for violating religious freedom.  So what's wrong with Pence's practice?  The answer is that there's nothing wrong with it at all, except that Pence is a Republican conservative who is in the Trump administration.  For these folks, that means that anything he does is wrong.

The idiocy disease is spreading across the country among the hard left.

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