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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Insanity and Delusion Are Still There

Let's visit the Democrat/Media bubble for a moment to see how things are today.  My focus is on Foreign Policy magazine.  It's a publication for "learned" and "insightful" members of the foreign policy establishment.  In other words, it's published inside the bubble for those who are members in good standing.

One article that caught my eye is about a "secret" US spy agency with a multi-billion dollar budget that no one has ever heard of.  According to the reporter, President Trump may turn the American intelligence agencies on American citizens.  I'm not making this up.  It's really there.  Indeed, I wonder if the reporter even realizes just how demented that description is.  It was president Obama who unleashed the intelligence agencies on American citizens.  Obama had the AP wiretapped.  Obama had Fox reporter James Rosen (and his family and parents) put under surveillance.  Obama had non-existent Russia-Trump connections investigated by the intelligence agencies who then illegally disseminated the conversations involving Trump aides (and maybe Trump himself) to the media.  Inside the bubble, however, that never happened.  Indeed, it could never be done by Saint Barack who did no wrong....EVER.

A second article reported that anarchy is the result of the impending victory over ISIS in Mosul.  That's right.  We're now being told by the denizens of the bubble that beating ISIS and throwing them out of Iraq's second largest city may be a bad thing.  They haven't gotten to the point of saying that expressly, but they're well down that road.  It's funny, of course, that during all the time that Obama was president and slowly, very slowly, moved against ISIS, none of this was said.  Now that Trump is president, however, the policy of ousting ISIS is being questioned.  It amazes me that even in the bubble where Trump hatred reigns, there could still be a question about whether the destruction of ISIS makes sense.  These are murderers and terrorists.  There is no question that ISIS needs to be demolished.

I still hope that someday the light of truth may penetrate into the bubble.  I'm not holding my breath waiting until then, however.

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