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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Democrat Response to the Trump Address

Last night, there was apparently a Democrat response to the President's speech to Congress.  I didn't bother to watch it.  It was a good choice.

From what I have heard today, the speaker was the former governor of Kentucky.  The Democrats couldn't even find a current office holder to give the speech.  The response was staged as if it were coming from a diner with the speaker sitting at a table.  There were other people sitting at other tables, but they were just there to provide a backdrop.  No one had food; no one ate anything.  It was a fake diner.

The highlight of the speech as far as I can tell from the reaction came when the Democrat forgot what party he belonged to; he claimed to be a Republican at one point.  That may have been confusion on his part or just a mistake.  The video excerpt of the moment that I saw, however, looked like the speech would stop for a commercial for Prevagen, the memory aid that was first discovered in jellyfish.  It's one thing to tangle up a name or to leave out a word from a written text.  It's something else to get your own political party wrong.


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