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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Usual Nonsense

According to a report in The Hill today, President Trump met yesterday with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin for the initial planning for the tax cuts to be proposed.  The White House is quoted as stating that they and the Treasury people are meeting with many who have particular viewpoints on what should and what should not be in that bill.  President Trump will make the final decision after all of these meetings have been concluded. 

This is basically the story that has been reported for a while now.  The tax cut bill is being assembled, and all viewpoints are being considered.

I only repeated the stuff above because of another report I read this morning.  The Comptroller of New York City released a report detailing how President Trump's tax plan would affect the people of New York City.  According to the Comptroller, millionaires would get big tax breaks while middle class and poor people would see their taxes rise.  There's one big problem with this report, however.  As of now, there is nothing that could be called "President Trump's tax plan".  It hasn't been announced.  It hasn't been finalized.  It's still under discussion.

So how can the Democrat who is New York's Comptroller issue such an obviously bogus report and hope to get away with it?  It's easy, he says that his analysis is of the plans that Trump discussed during the campaign.  Of course, during the campaign, the same guy who is now giving us an analysis of Trump's supposed tax plan kept criticizing Trump for not supplying enough details of his plans so that voters would understand just how terrible those plans were.  Trump gave insufficient details, but now the genius City Comptroller can tell us to the penny how the taxes of each individual in New York City will be affected by the non-existent tax plan.

This is Fake News, and we don't need more details to understand that.

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