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Friday, February 3, 2017

Today's News

Here is a short summary of today's news:

1.  The Treasury Department is about to launch a review of both the Dodd-Frank law and the regulations issued under that law to see if modifications would help increase economic growth.  The Democrats immediately blamed President Trump for risking another financial crisis.

2.  The White House issued a statement in which it said that while Israeli settlements are not an impediment to peace, new settlements in new areas would not be "helpful" in the peace process.  The media immediately announced that President Trump had been forced to adopt the Obama position on settlements.  Of course, the Obama position had been that any settlement was bad and Israel should tear them all down.

3.  There was a terrorist attack in Paris at the Louvre Museum as a man shouting "Allahu Akhbar" attacked a group of soldiers with a machete.  The Democrats immediately blamed the attack on President Trump.

4.  Anxious to cement economic ties with the USA after President Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the Japanese prime minister is preparing a plan for economic cooperation and joint projects with the USA that will likely result in the creation of more than half a million jobs in the USA.  The Democrats immediately announce the President Trump had nothing to do with this.

5.  Today's weather is partly cloudy and cool.  The Democrats immediately blamed President Trump for the lack of sun and warned that the cool temperatures are only temporary until the global warming unleashed by President Trump causes major rises in temperature.


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