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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Are They Plugging The Leaks?

There are news stories on a few sites and more rumors that the Trump administration has identified at least three people who have been leaking classified information to the media.  Supposedly, these people will be fired and possibly prosecuted when the President returns from his trip abroad.

If this is true, it is wonderful news.  Most of the stories from anonymous sources are what one can expect from the media.  Many are false, but some are accurate.  For the most part, though, the stories do not deal with classified information.  On the other hand, stories about what the President said to this or the other world leader are something quite different.  The leak of Trump's phone conversation with the leaders of Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, or Australia are both dangerous and extremely detrimental to national security.  The government cannot function to protect our national security if it cannot keep communications with other governments confidential.  Foreign leaders will not be able to trust that what they tell the President will stay secret. 

If people are indicted for the leaks, the media will no doubt scream.  Of course, these days the media would scream if people are not indicted.  I hope there really is action to plug the leaks.

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