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Monday, May 29, 2017

What An Outrage

The Israeli government chose today to announce a major plan to upgrade the sewage and sanitary facilities in the eastern sections of Jerusalem.  The sewer system in the eastern half of the city will finally be fully tied into the overall municipal system, something that should greatly improve the functionality of the system in this area.

What an outrage.  The areas being improved are in many instances inhabited by Palestinians.  Instead of settlements on the surface, there will be underground integration of the region.  It will be just one more Israeli effort to expropriate land being occupied, this time for sanitary sewers.

Okay, so it's not an outrage.  It is, rather, just an expansion of municipal services in Jerusalem to the benefit of the entire city, but especially of those in the region where the improvements will be built.  The Israeli government is improving the area with an Arab majority.

So how does this figure into the caricature that much of the left paints of the evil Israelis who keep the poor Palestinians downtrodden?  It doesn't.  That's why you won't hear about this announcement anywhere in the mainstream media.

When a new apartment building goes up in eastern Jerusalem; it is not designated as a residence for Israelis or Palestinians.  It's just an apartment building.  For much of the world and the media, however, it is a "settlement".  Even if two-thirds of the people who live in the building are Palestinians, it is still a settlement according to the media.  By this reasoning, the new sewage lines are just underground extensions of settlements.

At some point, there has to be a return to facts and common sense if any progress is ever to be made settling the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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