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Monday, May 15, 2017

Shouldn't The Fake News At Least Sound Like It Might Be Real?

Years ago, you could see the National Enquirer next to the check out lines at the supermarket.  There were stories about "space aliens" who fathered babies with earth women, sightings of Elvis Presley many years after his death, and all sorts of other fantastic and even ridiculous articles.  We all knew it was phony stuff, but it was fun to glance at the headlines, at least while waiting for the line to move forward.  This was the original Fake News, in this case lies presented in a news format that any sane person would realize was untrue.

Today, that has changed.  The current version of Fake News is presented by the mainstream media with all the indicia of real news.  Things get reported and then repeated in the media echo chamber which are completely false.  The media expect readers to believe it nevertheless.  For example, last week there were reports that FBI director Comey asked for more resources for the Trump/Russia investigation right before he was fired by the president.  The story was denied by the White House, but it didn't matter.  The Fake News echo chamber repeated it and repeated it.  Then the acting FBI director testified before Congress and said that the FBI did not need more resources for the investigation and had not asked for more.  In other words, the story that the mainstream media had repeated again and again was phony, just more Fake News.  And guess what, that unmasking of the Fake News was hardly mentioned by the mainstream media.

Today, it's getting even worse.  The media is now pushing Fake News again that a sane person would recognize as pure BS.  According to the ever unreliable Mediaite, the hosts of Morning Joe on MSNBC said that presidential counselor Kelly Anne Conway "hates" Trump and only worked for him "for the money".  During the campaign, Conway, supposedly, often joked about needing a shower after arguing for Trump on the Morning Joe show.  Mediaite and the loving couple on Morning Joe are moving Fake News back to the old National Enquirer model.  They will no longer even try to make the Fake News believable.

Think about it.  Let's assume Conway actually just worked for Trump for the money.  Would she actually tell uber-lefty Mika Brezhinski about those feelings during the campaign?  Just imagine the reaction that would have been forthcoming if Mika had just repeated Conway's supposed statements.

There is no one across America with half a brain who thinks that Conway is dumb.  Indeed, she ran the Trump campaign and beat Hillary and her billion dollar effort.  Conway has to be pretty sharp to accomplish that.  Mediaite wants us to believe that in the midst of pulling off one of the great political feats of all time, Conway was telling adversaries that she was in it just for the money.  It's one of the stupidest pieces of Fake News I've ever heard.  The old "space alien fathers baby with earth woman" was more likely than that.

And if Conway just ran the campaign for money, someone has to explain how she came to work in the White House.  If Conway hated it all so much, she wouldn't have signed up for a long term relationship at a relatively low pay scale once she succeeded.  No, she would have used her new found notoriety to get a great many GOP clients for 2018.  That would be where the real money was.

It truly surprises me that even among the moronic members of the mainstream media (like Mediaite) there is no effort being made to try to keep the Fake News believable.  I guess the media thinks that at this point, the Democrat base hates Trump so much that it will believe anything.

Maybe next week we'll see an article on the front page of the NY Times that President Trump is actually the offspring of a space alien and an earth woman.  At this point, it wouldn't surprise me.

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