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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Even More Fake News

That didn't take long.  Earlier today, I posted the day's highlights in Fake News.  Now, just two hours later, there are two more biggies to mention.

1.  The Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Rosenstein, has been reported by the mainstream media to have threatened to quit if he were described as the reason for the Comey firing.  That story is everywhere.  Late this morning, Rosenstein was asked if he threatened to quit.  His answer was "no".  Scratch another Fake News story in the mainstream media.

2.  California Democrat senator (and possible presidential candidate supposedly) Kamala Harris said that under the new Republican healthcare bill that passed the House, over 120 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could lose their insurance.  That claim is so idiotic that it's more "proof of stupidity" than actual Fake News.  There are only at most 4% of the country who could be said to have pre-existing conditions that might affect healthcare according to a great many sources.  The bulk of those people are on Medicare or have health insurance through their employment, so they would not be affected by the new law under any circumstances.  Even if the new law were to adversely affect people with pre-existing conditions, senator Harris exaggerated the number of people involved by more than 100 times. 

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